The Bermondsey Book - Activity Book

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40 pages of Bermondsey-themed family activities including colouring-in, competitions, stories and games. 

Available from 25th July 2020

Produced by Made in Bermondsey in partnership with local primary schools. 

The Bermondsey Book does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a book all about Bermondsey. There’s so much amazing history here right on our doorsteps.

Did you know there used to be a magazine called The Bermondsey Book in the 1920s? It was published by The Bermondsey Bookshop who provided working people from the factories and docks with a book club, free library and educational events for the first time. The Bermondsey Book featured writing by local working people alongside famous writers including Thomas Hardy, H. G Wells and Virginia Woolf. Our new Bermondsey Book is packed full of pictures, stories and games by local artist and writers including:

Mary Gibson
Frog Morris
Sarah Sparkes
Jacqueline Gordon
Emma Snow